Whether it is Temporary Placement or Permanent job Placement, Amira Medical Staffing can serve as a trusted support partner to our medical facilities in need.

Temporary Placement

Enlist Amira Medical Staffing to cover temporary assignments to avoid burnout of your permanent medical facility staff. Vacancies due to unexpected vacations, illnesses and abrupt departures cause organizational lack of team coverage that it needs. Temporary placement of our agency personnel ensures that the help that you need is right there and ready to go for as long as you need them to be.

Temporary to Direct Placement

This service grants the utilization of the temporary assignment for evaluation of the employee's skillset firsthand. This service also allows the determination of whether a candidate is a good fit in the company culture of the organization. A direct hire fee will be implemented and discounted according to the amount of hours worked before the conversion.

Direct Hire Placement

This service involves our agency recruitment, screening and retention of potential candidate meeting the requirements provided by our client organization. Once the client organization extends an offer of employment with intent to hire the candidate, our agency will collect a hiring fee consisting of a percentage of the offered salary amount offered to candidate.